TERIBBLEMINDS Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Flea Market”

This week’s challenge was to write about something you might find at a flea market. I’ve been a little lazy and missed the last couple challenges, but for some reason this one struck a chord and kicked the muse into high gear. Hope you enjoy!

[EDIT: This piece has been accepted for publication in Static Movement’s upcoming Monster Gallery anthology, edited by George Wilhite. At some point after publication I will probably put it back here.]



  1. Nice, very nice. Didn’t see that coming, I love the combination of the fantastic (the woman who wasn’t there) with the mundane (slits his own throat).

  2. yeah, that’s justice. i like a happy ending. good read!

  3. Nice. It definately gets my vote…

  4. Oh Craig, such a loser. Pink unicorns and women with magical eyes. What’s not to love? Great story.

  5. Good job, Roger. I really liked your story. It was one of my finalists. Good, vivid description of the loser protagonist. But I think he got off easy. Maybe you can bring him back for *this* week’s challenge, and really f**k him up!

  6. I voice of the main character was so vivid! I felt like I was in his head.

  7. Thank you all for the kind words!
    @Bob: You know, that’s not a bad idea…could be his intake into hell, maybe. Hmm…

  8. I’d love to read his intake into hell. But I still felt a little sorry for him. Addicts are addicts. They just seem like scumbags. Very good story. : )

  9. Creeeppppyyyy. Good job!

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